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Todd Michael

Name: Todd Michael Bushnell
Role: Partner, DJ, Webmaster
Hometown: Salisbury, CT
Residence: San Francisco, CA
Booking Info:

Now Playing: HYMD Sessions 2

Todd began influencing audiences with his music selection as far back as 1989 when he began dj'ing around his hometown of Salisbury, Connecticut to make some extra money. The equipment was limited to a couple tape decks and cd players and the gigs ranged from weddings to high school dances and even the occasional batmitsfa.

"Those were tough audiences. You'd have a crowd ranging from 15 years old to 90 years old with musical tastes ranging from disco to heavy metal and even the occasional polka. Those were tough rooms, Jack!"

After a considerable hiatus brought on by Active Duty military, Todd finally scratched that musical itch when he used his first college loan check to purchase two turntables and a mixer shortly after settling in Austin, Texas in 1995. Eager to dig in and learn the necessary skills, Todd made the acquaintence of a local Austin DJ who showed him the ropes. Within a year, he was was moving crowds in various clubs along Austin's famed 6th Street. Numerous guest spots througout the city coupled with a local residency at a Top 40 club helped Todd learn the fine art of reading and satisfying diverse crowds.

"I remember my first opportunity. I settled in behind the decks with a swelled ego and a bag full of the new records I had purchased that day. I saw it as an opportunity to amaze the audience with my impressive musical knowledge and skill. It turned out to be quite the humbling experiene as the dance floor cleared and the club emptied. It was at that time I realized that I am there to serve and entertain first - to assume you're superior to those for whom you play is the biggest mistake you can make."

Seeking a bigger playground, Todd made the move west to San Francisco in 1998, and was greeted by the most dynamic and diverse music scene in the country. He quickly emersed himself in the culture and began sharing his own interpretation of a house sound at the biggest clubs in the city including 1015 Folsom, End Up, 550 Barneveld, DNA Lounge and Liquid.

Todd Michael joined SF-Vibe in Spring 2003, and now serves as partner, webmaster and resident DJ. He can be found working audiences at most SF-Vibe events. His sound is diverse and draws from outside musical influences such as soul, rhythm & blues, funk, disco and jazz. His music can be characterized as a deep and groovy, soul inspired house sound; funky enough to compliment the energy of his crowd, but warm, melodic and substantial enough to stick long after the party's over.

Favorite producers include Blaze and Masters at Work. DJ's who have served as inspiration include Mark Grant, Timmy Regisford, Derrick Carter and King Britt. In 2004, Todd will attempt to draw from these musical influences as he takes begins focussing on music production.